Algimantas Šlapikas CV

Born in Kaunas 1963 03 01
1980-1986 study in Vilnius Art institute,sculpture department.
Joint exhibitions:
1992 International sculpture quadrennial Riga 92
1993 International symposium “Object in wind” Willmersdorf, Germany
1994 Ars Baltica Exhibition, Skaraborg, Sweden
1994 International wood sculpture symposium, Hojer, Danmark
1996 Wood sculpture symposium, Kaunas, Lithuania
1996 International sculpture quadrennial Riga 96,
1997 Project of eco objects in Kaunas Oak Park, Kaunas, Lithuania
1998,, In the search for the sixth sense” Soros Center, Moscow, Russia
1999 International sculpture symposium in Kap Arkona, Rugen, Germany
1999 Stone sculpture symposium in Panevezys, Lithuania
1999 Exhibition in HUSET I ASNAS gallery, Danmark
1999 The grant from NIFCA(Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art)
2000 MONDOARTE-WORLD ART exhibition in Rivoli, Italy.
2000 International sculpture quadrennial Riga’2000
2000 Exhibition,, The best artwork’’ in Kaunas picture gallery, the prize for the best sculpture.
2000 Exhibition,, Tradition and future’’ in Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius
2000 Exhibition in the gallery Rostworowski, Krakow, Poland
2000 Residence in Hollufgard sculpture center, Danmark
2000 Symposium ,,Abonnement for sculpture’’, Kaunas, Lithuania
2000 Exhibition of Kaunas artists ,,The last Christmas Haiku of 20th century’’ in ,,Kaunas gallery’’
2001 Exhibition and seminar ,,Attitude of mind and imagination’’ in Kaunas
M.K.Ciurlionis National Museum of Art organized by Vardo-Seminar Foundation
2001 Joint exhibition ,,Personal movement” in Kaunas picture gallery.
2001 Joint exhibition with artists from Krakow in Kaunas gallery
2001 Sculpture ,,Seven days’’ for Richard Demarco project ,,The road to Meikle Seggie’’
2001 Joint exhibition ,,Black and white’’ in the gallery ,,Kaire-desine’’,Vilnius
2002 Exhibition ,,Through the smile’’ in the gallery ,,Arka’’,Vilnius
2002 Exhibition ,,The best artwork’’ in Kaunas picture gallery,prize for the best sculpture.
2002 Exhibition in Anian,France.
2002 Project ,,The dreams of the day’’in Kaunas Zilinskas art gallery,the work ,,Mobile secrets’’dedicated to blind people.
2002 Exhibition of sculptors from Kaunas in Vilnius Medal gallery
2002 Contemporary European art Biennal in Nimes ,France
2002 ,,You+Me Shop’’ joint project Takako Saito with Lithuanian artists
2002 Joint exhibition ,,The wood’’ in Vilnius Medal gallery.
2002 ,,The collection’’,exhibition organized by Lithuanian artists association in Siauliai art gallery.
2002 International seminar and exhibition ,,Dangerous encounters,facing the others’’ organized by Vardo seminar foundation in Pultusk,Poland.
2003 Exhibition,,The wood’’ in ,,Sv. Jono gallery’’,Vilnius
2003 Exhibition ,,The best artwork’’ in Kaunas picture gallery.The prize for the sculpture ,,Personal game’’.
2003 The golden badge from Lithuanian artists association for the creative activity in the year of 2002.The exhibition of laureates.
2003 The symposium of ice sculpture in Kaunas
2003 ,, Contemporary art in the city.’’Project in the gallery ,,Art teritory’’,Kaunas.
2003 Joint exhibition of the artists from Krakow and Kaunas in a gallery ,,Arka’’, Vilnius, Lithuania
2003 ,,Sculturea project,,The mediteraneum meets the Nordic sea in modern sculpture’’The exhibition of stone sculpture.
2003 The exhibition in a gallery ,,ALMA’’ Monpellie , France.
2004 Stypendium from Lithuania culture ministery for 2004 – 2006year.
2004 The exhibition ,,New work’’in ,,Sv. Jono gallery’’, Vilnius
2004 The exhibition of sculpture in gallery ,,Arka’’, Vilnius
2004 Sculpture symposium in Kaunas.Sculpture ,,The doors’’ Steel,h-250cm.
2005 Sculpture symposium in Kaunas organized by ,,Pizza Jazz’’.
2005 Exhibition of Lithuanian artists in Lvov, Ukraina.
2005 Project ,,Art and Art to associate’’ in Kaunas picture gallery. Sculpture N – 14.
2005 Sculpture symposium in Kaunas, sculpture ,,Bagage’’.
2005 I Lithuanian art quadrennial in CAC, Vilnius Lithuania.
2006 Joint exhibition in Torhaus Rombergpark gallery,Dortmund,Germany.
2006 Kaunas artists exhibition in a ,,Gallery Y’’,Tartu,Estonia.
2006 Exhibition ,,Surface, space, body’’ in CAC,Vilnius.
2006 Exhibition ,,Selfportrait’’in gallery ,,Arka’’,Vilnius.
2007 Project ,,Art and Art to associate’’in Kaunas picture gallery.,,Photo intentions’’
2007 Symposium ,, Signum sacrum’’, Siluva, Lithuania.
2008 Exhibition ,,Squr’’ in Panevezys art gallery, Lithuania.
2008 NATO art workshop , Vilnius, Lithuania.
2008 Sculpture and painting quadrennial ,,Colours and Olympism’’, Beijing, China.
2008 Art project ,,Kaunas in art’’, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2009 II Lithuanian art quadrennial in LITEXPO Vilnius Lithuania.
2009,,Idea in space’’exhibition of sculptors. Gallery ,,Meno parkas’’, Kaunas, Lithuania
2010.,,Nord Art 2010’’,Carlshutte,Budelsdorf,Germany
2012 .Obernkierchen sandstone sculpture symposium, Germany
2013 Huntenkunst 2013 international exhibition, Ulft, Holland
2013 Galerie bij de Boeken exhibition of lithauanian artists, Ulft, Holland

2021Joint Exhibition ,,Man and the fish“ in Kaunas picture gallery

2021 Sculpture symposium in Horice

2021 Projects in Kaunas 2022 (European capital of culture)

Personal exhibitions:
1993 Personal exhibition in Kaunas Picture gallery, Kaunas,Lithuania
1994 Personal exhibition in gallery ,,Langas”, Kaunas,Lithuania
1995 Personal exhibition in ,,Kleine galerie”, Ilmenau, Germany
1997,,Unreal things” exhibition in Kaunas Picture gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
1998 Personal exhibition in Klaipeda exhibition gallery, Lithuania 2013Personalexhibition in Kaunas Castle, Lithuania
2013 Personal exhibition in Chaimas Frenkelis villa park Siauliai, Lithuania